Review Process


1. Each manuscript will be initially evaluated by the editor/associated-editor, who may make use of appropriate procedure/software to examine the originality of the contents of the manuscript.

2. The manuscripts passed through screening at above noted level will be forwarded to two referees for blind peer review, each of whom will make a recommendation to publish the article in its present form/modify/reject. During this period referees shall treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information.

3. The review period varies from a week to one month (Maximum two months in extra ordinary circumstances).

1. Reporting Standards
Authors should submit their original research after preparing the same as per the submission guidelines of the journal.
2. Data Access and Retention
Authors should also provide raw data related with their manuscript for editorial review and must retain such data.
3. Originality
Authors must ensure that they have written entirely original work.
4. Multiple, Redundant or Concurrent Publications
Author should not submit same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently. It is also expected that the author should not publish redundant manuscripts or manuscripts describing same research in more than one journal.
5. Acknowledgement of Sources
Authors should acknowledge all sources of data used in the research and cite publications that have been influential in research work.
6. Authorship of the paper
Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to conception, design, execution or interpretation of the reported study. Others who have made significant contribution must be listed as co-authors. Authors also ensure that all the authors have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the manuscript and their inclusion of names as co-authors.
7. Hazards and Human or Animal subjects
If the work involves chemicals, procedures or equipment that have any unusual hazards inherent in their use, the author must clearly identify these in their manuscript. If the work involves the use of animal or human subjects, the author should ensure that the manuscript contains a statement that all procedures were performed in compliance with relevant laws and institutional guidelines and that the appropriate institutional committee (s) has approved them. Authors should include a statement in the manuscript that informed consent was obtained for experimentation with human subjects. The privacy rights of human subjects must always be observed.
8. Disclosure of Financial Support
Sources of Financial support, if any, must be clearly disclosed.
9. Fundamental errors in published works
If at any point of time, author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in submitted manuscript then the same must be reported to the editor.